Organizations have a legal responsibility to take reasonable steps to respond and intervene when they are made aware of an employee or other individual who exhibits aggressive or violent behavior at the workplace. Individuals with severe emotional and interpersonal problems rarely commit aggressive or violent acts without first exhibiting numerous workplace violence specific warning signs. Identifying these risk factors is critical to preventing an act of violence. Violence risk and threat assessment experts should be consulted when concerns arise for the safety of company employees, supervisors, customers, or the physical plant.

Implementing a preventative approach has demonstrated a reduction in the emotional and physical harm that often befalls those targeted for violence. Those organizations that take a proactive verse a reactive stance significantly reduce the potential for violence and minimize the negative effects these actions and the accompanying legal liability.

Organizations have been put on-notice regarding incidents of workplace violence. Many victims and their families are being awarded large financial settlements for those negatively affected by the often foreseeable workplace violence specific warning signs of another. In these cases, we can conduct a direct violence risk potential evaluation or indirect threat assessment.