Psychosexual Evaluation

We offer the following types of evaluations:

Psychosexual Risk Evaluation

This forensic evaluation addresses the potential risk for sexual abuse and violence to others. It also includes a detailed discussion of treatment recommendations and identifies if an individual would benefit from participating in a psychotherapeutic treatment program to address sexual deviance, other relevant treatment interventions (e.g., substance abuse/dependence, anger management/expression, individual counseling, or psychiatric examination) as well safety planning.

General Psychosexual Evaluation

This clinical evaluation addresses the individual’s sexual interests, attitudes, and non-deviant sexual behaviors. For example, excessive use of adult pornography, cybersex, sexting, and other promiscuous or other problematic sexual behaviors. This evaluation does not address or discuss the risk potential to engage in sexually abusive behaviors towards others. Rather, the focus is on developing an accurate understanding of the reported behaviors and identifying appropriate treatment recommendations.

An overview

  • Evaluations can be conducted with adult and adolescent males and females, ages 12 and older
  • Evaluations can be conducted with those suffering from a developmental disability
  • All individuals receive a comprehensive clinical and sexual evaluation and will address the specific referral question(s) posed

The evaluation process includes:

  • Record review (e.g., ideally criminal background, police investigations, child protective agency investigations, and past / current treatment providers, etc., when available and accessible)
  • Standardized psychological tests that address the following:
    • Mental status
    • Cognitive functioning
    • Psychopathology
    • Alcohol and illicit substance use
    • Measure of sexual interest / preference
  • Appropriate actuarial measures and/or structured professional judgment guides
  • Clinical and diagnostic interview

Additional information about Dr. Mark Brenzinger

  • He has completed over 1,500 psychosexual evaluations.
  • He is a Licensed Sex Offender Evaluator and Treatment Provider
  • He is an approved provider for psychosexual / sexual offender evaluations by the following probation and court services departments
    • DuPage County
    • Lake County
    • Cook County
    • Kane County
    • Kendall County
    • DeKalb County
  • He is an approved provider for the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Sex Offender Management Board for evaluations and treatment for both adults and juveniles
  • He has been accepted as an expert witness regarding psychosexual risk by the following counties:
    • DuPage County – Criminal / Family Court
    • Lake County – Criminal Court
    • Cook County – Family / Criminal Court
    • U.S. District Court (Northern District of Illinois)
  • He is a clinical member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA).